This is just a short game I did some years ago, mostly to debug the engine it was written on.

Recently updated to have a bit more sex in it.

Can be played in English, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

If you want to translate the game to your language contact me!

Updated 9 hours ago
Release date Jul 01, 2015
GenreVisual Novel
TagsErotic, Gay, LGBT
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America, Italian, Polish
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

Development log


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The blonde from the glory hole, I assume the only blondes are Dave and his father
(he does seem happier at the end of the game)

Well, blonde is a common hair color, so I guess we'll never know...

i don't remember that "plot twist" in the bathroom, was that newly added too? cause i LOVE -that- kind of taboo thing >;p

Yeah, I thought it would be fun to add an extra detail like that. :D

Esta exelente el juego. Muy bueno me encanta

Muchas gracias por jugar 😊


I enjoyed the previous version, so it was a nice surprise to see a few more scenes :D Great work, I really like your art and writing.

Thanks a lot for the praise.
Since I was updating the engine, I decided to sneak a bit of extra content 😏

This was really something and the art is kinda hot too :D

Thanks for playing :D

Really love it!

Thanks a lot :D


loved it


Thanks for playing. 😊