Rest Stop Version 3.0

I was made a new version of the engine that this game runs on, and decided to give it a small update.
A lot of the dialogues have been touched and more importantly, I added some more sex and a new ending.

Sadly, since I changed the engine a lot, the old data is gone, so you'll have to unlock the gallery again.


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Nice! I didn't realize your game was on Or at least I hadn't seen it in ages. I just updated the game, but no time to play it for a couple days. Too much homework and finals coming. lol. 

Best of luck with those finals.
All the dirty men will be waiting for you to celebrate 😊

Haha, yeah. I have one or two days before I can relax, so I probably will do that tomorrow after class. 

I hope you enjoy it

That's great news!! Thanks for the update

I hope you have fun playing it :D