Update (again)

Well, this was unexpected.

I was talking with an Italian friend about localisation and how I had it coded inside the engine.

I joked about forcing him to translate the game in Italian, and he said he would, so I decided to also make a Spanish version as well...

So, new version has Italian and Spanish translations in it. 
They might be a little buggy (despite Spanish being my native language, I rarely write in it, so it can be clunky).

There are no other changes besides those.


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amazing game , i have many picture now hehe , love the story and character looking so good 

How can I download this file?

I have no idea why it shows that file there. Since it's not a game you can download.

OK, from the looks of it, it is a file but can't download it.

Yeah, weird.
I mean, that is the file I uploaded with the game so it can run from the browser. 🤷‍♂️