A short game about being stranded in a small mountain town.

The game is in English and Spanish.
It also has a computer generated Korean translation.

If you play in mobile the Options menu has a couple of settings that can help a bit.

Thanks to my Patreon supporters that helped with the making of the game.

Development log


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im a chubby black guy whose middle name is Tyler so imagine my surprise when i chose to go to the park haha 

Hahaha, I hope it was a good surprise then XD

Really awesome game man! :D Love the diversity of endings, of sexy guys to fool around with, with the hidden cameo of the mechanic :p

Thanks :D

I love this! Great depictions of bigger men being confident and sexy. I'm generally not into erotic stuff but this was a total joy!


Thanks :D

I really  enjoy  this game..and  looking forward to  more  of  it

At the moment I'm not advancing more on this game. But I am working on expanding this one: https://caesarcub.itch.io/quest-for-adventure


I have already played this game  ...really  hope  there is  something  happened  between Miles and  his   Uncle! And   hope  there  can  Be  more   roles...Thanks for  your  excellent games 

I seems to be missing the last few pictures on the gallery. Can anyone give any hints?

You probably need to talk to the bus driver first, but then go out for a walk, and not stop at the lumberjack.-

ah thanks. Loved all your games. <3

Thanks :D

I quite like the game but I'm conflicted on the description. I like to get straight to the fucking but I also like detail in a sex scene.

Yeah, writing is the part that comes harder to me, so I end up with descriptions and dialogues on the short side of things.


What a darling lil' game!


Thanks :D


Wow this is great. Just wish there was mor


Thanks for playing. There is a bit of extra content planned to be added to this game :D


What a lovely game! I'm hoping to see more of it!


Thank you so much.

There is some extra content in the works.-


I LUV THIS GAME, it have more ending than i expected , N i loving it


Thank you so much for playing! 💖💖

i hope me and the ranger can find out the bigfoot and have a good stuff hehe , i hope u update it 


this game amazngly good , the bonus picture too damn good , loving this game and character looking so good hope next update

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you had fun :D

Can't wait to give this a look.

I hope you enjoy it.

It's amazing. My favorite is the caveman thing


Thanks :D