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Great game! Just a heads up, raccoon should not be shortened to "coon" as that is widely regarded as a racial slur

Ooof, sorry about that.
I don't think I have the files to fix that at hand, since this proof of concept is quite old -_-

Funny game! Everybody are naked and hard. The protagonist is the only one that didn't have fun in it.

Thanks :D


Hey, Caesar!

I must say this was so nostalgic for me, of course... a bit more spicy, furry and juicy hehe and I loved it! I played a lot of the good 'ol WitWiCS and to see a game, not just a game but a furry-themed game in the same genre is a great surprise, also, I saw your post saying that you got some bad comments about this one and you're not planning to make a sequel, but I must tell you that you're great man and are above those comments, I hope my comment and of course of all who enjoyed this game as well reach you and maybe someday... you'll keep this amazing game alive <3

I'm really starting to be an enthusiast of your work, also I'm glad we "meet" again, I've played the early version of Rest Stop long ago somewhere I can't recall, but I liked it, and to find out you're it's author is just awesome!

Wish you success in every project! =)  (and a big hug)


Thank  you so much for your nice words!


This game is AWESOME!!!!

Thanks :D

It's not just for porn, It's very good. Do you think about adding more criminals and more arrest scene?

That was the original plan.
This game was mostly a prototype I did years ago, but the response it got was so cold I decided to leave it as is and move to more classic visual novels that people seemed to enjoy more.
So, sadly there are no plans to expand it in the foreseeable future :(

I know you not planing to work more in this game but if you change your mind in the future. You could try show it for a different public.

At least I have in my profile a huge list of games and novels where the characters are anthropomorphic creature (furries like some people like to say).

I'm pretty aware of the furry community 😋. Back when I published this game, I even made a post on my FA account.
But yeah, lately I have veered more into human territory, with a sprinkle of furs or monsters here and there when possible.

Interesting game! Loved learning about some world monuments and landmarks while admiring your art :)

Thanks :D