This is more a proof of concept than an actual game.
With only five criminals in the database, the guessing who did the crime becomes a little too easy.

How to play the game: 

Travel around the world, visiting places, and gathering clues. The clues will let you know where the criminal went, but also who the criminal is. You can’t capture the criminal without knowing his identity! To do this, go to the Case File and fill up the identikit. Once you think you have enough clues, hit Query for Warrant. If the criminal was identified, you will be told.


Remember: If you find the criminal without a warrant, you won’t be able to recognize him, and he will escape!

Evidence won in previous games can be seen by clicking Browse Database and looking into the criminal info.

StatusOn hold
Release date Aug 05, 2015
TagsErotic, Gay, LGBT
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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