A routine repair mission is anything but when your shuttle is forced to land on a desolate planet! You’ll need help if you’re going to contact your ship and get back home. 

Do you stay with handsome Commander Brock Steele, or stick with the burly alien security officer Lieutenant Zorn? Maybe the local scavenger Rano Womby can help… Or is the intriguing regent Jaa Kasyk of the nearby village your ticket home?

Choose wisely and maybe you’ll find more than a way home!

Story by: Rob Colton Site Patreon
Art by: CæsarCub Patreon
Music by: One Man Symphony BandCamp Patreon

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(103 total ratings)
AuthorsCæsarCub, Rob Colton
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withClip Studio Paint
TagsBara, Erotic, Gay, LGBT, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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weird-looking cactus 😏

The story is so good!

How do I fill the last page of the gallery? 

Go to the village.


version 2 please

Love this game !

Thanks :)


I like Ja the local so so much lol! And even if there was NSFW(not complaining), there was also a short story albeit not a very through one but still made me happy to read, also the ending with him, loved it! I hope I can see this developed more in the future.

Forgot to check my mail, nice game !

Loading is always displayed on the screen

Which browser/device are you using?
You might need to clear cache.

So sad, why can't I play the game

(2 edits)

Try on firefox/Mozilla, for me it works now only on firefox/Mozilla

Lo puedes poner en español por favor, me encantan tus juegos, aunque la mayoría no este en español. 

this game is amazing and I’ve only played half of it. Keep it going. I also feel like you should make more of these types of games. My idea is that you do one where it’s like a jungle adventure or something.


It would be great if there was a trio between the commander and the officer I'm sure there will be one in an update.

I kept checking for the orgy ending. Sadly there is no orgy ending. Oh well :D


I'm pleasantly surprised by how loving and romantic Jaa Kasyk is. Will his story have more chapters? I'd love to see more of him. :)

No plans at the moment, sorry

That's a pity...


This game is a collaboration, so adding more content would mean having both Rob and I stop our other projects to put on work on it, so I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's not a high priority.


I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!


Another good game from you thx for creating this 🥰

Thank you for playing :D

wow!new game!


i think there's a bug at the end of chapter 4, where i go with Rano Womby, but I didn't stay in his ship, and Jaa Kasyk offered me to stay but I chose to go back to crash site, dicovering Brock and Zorn, stuck at the start of chapter 5


Thanks for noticing. It should be fixed now!

yes it is, thank you so much!!

I always love your work, thank you for sharing your talent with us

Thank  you for playing :D


This was a really nice little game to play through. I really enjoyed all the routes and characters!

I'm happy to hear that :)


The shape of the cactus makes me laugh. I'do the first route. I love your games. Great work.

Thanks ^_^


I cLicked as fAst as i cOulD

Your games are my favorite!! >w<


I hope you enjoyed it :)