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Good job , But the chinese translate is really broken, There is a bug in it, It will cause the game stack at some point.


Uncaught error:

姓名 is not a registered System or Game Flag in:
Chapter: arrival
Page: node38
Action: 12
=> say,arrival_node38_5

And I think I can help you translate some chinese content

I'd love that.
If you want I could set up a google doc with all the English dialogue.

Ok, I'd like to. Just send me the invite email or what ever other thing

I'm just realising there is no way to send a private message over Itch. Do you have a twitter account I can dm you? I'm @caesarcub in there.

Thank you so much for letting me know about this!
It should be fixed now.

Really awesome game again! Love the diversity of guys, of types of scanes, super restroom scene with all that's implied in that ^^' Thank you for it!

I'm happy to hear that :D

For a short game this is so cute and fun. Ethan is very hot and handsome. If only he and Dave ended up as actual boyfriends though...

You should make this as a comedy, full length game :D

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Hey, Caesar!

Great job with this game, I liked the repair man route and also the darkest stall too... so juicy (chuckles) they were a great add-on, as always you did great man, congrats.

Tiger hugs =) 


Thanks :D

It was fun to add those.


Honestly I think it would be cool if this was expanded to be a bigger game. I like the art style and you did a great job! 11/10💜

Thanks for the kind words ☺.

There are no plans to expand this game at the moment, but I'm focusing on making new games.

Np! And I also love your other games so I cant wIt to see what comes next!

The bathroom was hot and hilarious.


Thanks for playing, and I'm glad it was enjoyable :D

Espero que halla otra actualizacion donde tengamos sexo con mas sujetos

Pero muy exelente juego 

Nice update :D Just wondering - I seem to be missing an image between the trucker and Phil's. Dunno if I'm picking the wrong choices or the wrong ones in a row. 


Well, that could either be the trucker's ending, or the kiss with Phil.
I suspect is the former. If that's the case, then you should use the cleaner stall at the start of the game, and try to hitch a ride with him later on.

Got it! :D There's 4 more empty slots in the very last page of the Gallery - am I missing a route, or is that just blank, in case you ever add another route? ;) 


The last gallery page only has two images (the last two of the mechanic).
Unlocked images are shown as a greyed out rectangle.

Great.  That means I got them all :D 


The blonde from the glory hole, I assume the only blondes are Dave and his father
(he does seem happier at the end of the game)


Well, blonde is a common hair color, so I guess we'll never know...


yeah its definitely his father. If you do the repair man route, you know that your dad goes to the bathroom after

Also, if you take a good look at Dave's dick, you'll see how similar it is to the one in the glory hole scene! ; )


i don't remember that "plot twist" in the bathroom, was that newly added too? cause i LOVE -that- kind of taboo thing >;p


Yeah, I thought it would be fun to add an extra detail like that. :D

Esta exelente el juego. Muy bueno me encanta

Muchas gracias por jugar 😊


I enjoyed the previous version, so it was a nice surprise to see a few more scenes :D Great work, I really like your art and writing.

Thanks a lot for the praise.
Since I was updating the engine, I decided to sneak a bit of extra content 😏

This was really something and the art is kinda hot too :D

Thanks for playing :D

Really love it!

Thanks a lot :D


loved it


Thanks for playing. 😊