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Do you have any plans to continue your game, Grounded?


Sorry, not at the moment.

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This game is amazing and I love the new characters. I did find a glitch. I’m not sure if it’s only mobile( I’m playing it on an iPhone using safari) but when meeting the new characters to fight. It would glow like you selected the gem you want to move but it won’t move it. To fix it I just closed and reloaded the game and it was fixed and I just had to restart the match. 

I have had people comment on that iPhone issue. I don't have one, so fixing it is nigh-impossible.
A workaround is to go to the options and disable the drag feature.
This way you just have to tap on the gems instead of dragging them around.

Thanks I’ll try it when I play the game again. 

So nice, I love it

This is really lovely. The art is good (REALLY good x-x) I love the self-aware and fun dialogue that gives a simple but good look at the characters personalities. And the puzzle aspect is simple and fun to play x3

its a nice little game, just like Kemo, but i'd like to see more monsters/beasts


The image cuts out at shoulder height.

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Give the game some time to load and/or refresh the page.

OK thank you!

Amazing!! Simple but fun gameplay, beautiful and arousing illustrations!

Thanks :D


Fun little game! It would be cute if the opponents "get to know you" the more times you fight them. After so many battles you get a short CG or pinup at regular intervals


Thanks. I wanted to focus more on adding new characters, but we shall see.

The music is so good!! And as always, I love all the art you do, it's so hard to find cute heavy characters in games, thank you!!

Thank you so much. ^_^

Great as always... but to short¡¡¡  and nead some story and CG's


If things go well, I will be periodically updating it with more characters.
Think of this game more like an interactive collection of pin up art.

So this game it's more like an interactive gallery than a VN?,

With the exeptión of the chef and the construction worker, all of your characters are original for this game, because most of them i didn't recognize


Most characters appear in this game for the first time in public.
I do plan to have some cameos later on (technically Sherman is from a game that kind of died in development hell, but since people don't  know about him, he is basically new for this)


I think it will be awesome to add weight gain system in this game (if you are in to it). Just a little fan suggestion :)

Good game! There is some major potential for future updates and collaborations.


That's the plan. :)

Short but fun as heck game, looking forward to more of this, great work, :D!

Glad you had fun with it ^_^



Great game as usual love the art. thank you so much 

Thank you for playing

Very nice game. Construction worker is my favorite 😁

Thanks for playing :)

Oooo a new game gotta play it ASAP 🏃‍♀️

I hope you enjoy it ^_^

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