Hotfix for launcher app.

When playing the game over the app the game would crash when entering the first dungeon.

This was due to an error of how the app handles the encoding of file names.
It should be fixed now.

Thanks to MarloweC for pointing out to me it was related to the launcher specifically.


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Version 2.0 Sep 08, 2020


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Hi there! I was playing the game a few weeks ago, and I basically ended up with 1HP at the very beginning, with no way to progress or heal (there are a few forced battles) - is it possible to advance now? ~<3

(That is, I can't figure out how to recover/rest/heal/sleep since I'm basically at the beginning ^^)

Nevermind, I forgot to check the shelves.
You really got wild with teleports, been stuck for forever, not a single clue ^^

Yeah, sorry about that. There are unidirectional teleports with a slightly different color, but it's a bit too subtle.
I added a map for that dungeon on the friendship list I posted in the game description:


I noticed some subtle purple tint on some teleports but... it's a bit too much of a puzzle to be at the beginning of the game, maybe? :P

I've been stuck there for hours, I was about to completely give up! ^^
I'd love to get the final version but I don't know if I should wait or will be given access to it via Patreon.

I can tell it's still in at a very early stage, but I love your art and style! ^^


I am still working on the game.
Ideally I will be updating this version every now and then, while the Patreon build will have the latest stuff.
I do plan to release the full game to the public once it's finished and I start a new project on Patreon.


unable to hug, social distancing must be enforced :P