This game is currently in development.
It's the game I am working on actively at my [Patreon].
I will be posting it here after some time passes.
You can also join my [Discord].

I hope everyone enjoys it.

Before playing, especially for MOBILE read how the controls work.

The game can be set to full screen from the Options menu or by pressing F4.


The game can be played with:


Use arrows to move and enter to interact.  Escape will open the menu and cancel.
Alternatively, Z can be used for interactions and X for opening the menu and cancelling.


Click where you want the character to go or what you want to interact with. Use the other mouse button to open the menu and for cancelling.   Note: Menus are enhanced for keyboard, so clicking an option will highlight first.  If the option is highlighted, clicking it will select it.


The game should support a gamepad in Chrome browser at least.    The A button will interact and accept.  The Y button will open the menu.   The B button will cancel.

For mobile:

Just touch where you want the character to go and what you want to interact with. Important: Touch with TWO fingers to open the menu and cancel.  

Notes: Touching a menu item will highlight it.  If the item is already highlighted, touching it again will select it. You might also want to set the phone in landscape mode and go to the games options and pick fullscreen.

Here is a  [Guide], it shows how far each NPC relationship goes for the moment and it has a map showing where evreryone lives (make sure to move to the Public Version tab to avoid trying to unlock stuff that is not in the current build). I'd recommend using it after finishing the available story,

I hope you all enjoy it and have fun!


StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(170 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, Clip Studio Paint, Aseprite
TagsBara, chub, Erotic, Gay, JRPG, LGBT
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Touchscreen

Development log


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When is Chapter 11 coming out?

Hello, I seem to have a problem with the start of Chapter 5, i am stuck. I read the walkthrough and it said talk to Phil and go to the secret base. I did that, he just said adding stuff to the base. Since i didn't know what to do, i just did errands and bought items, did Horace's stuff. Until Phil talked about the subway stuff. Which i went to the subway near the campus (locked) and met Ulysses. He just said it's down for some reason and nothing. I checked the rest room, nothing, talked to the guy in the forest.  The security booth is locked, the door in the subway is lockef. I tried going there in the day, at night, nothing. I am stuck. What should i do

If I'm not mistaken, he should mention something about Steve having a keycard.
You should check Steve's place to see if it is somewhere in there.

At long last, i finally Did it. A freaking soda Pop is all i need to do. Thanks Mr Dev! Love ur game. Hope to beat it and make every single guy cu... i mean be friends with. 😁

What a wonderful game, without explanation... well done story, wonderful battles, I hope this game grows a lot, congratulations Caesar.

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how can i save and dont loose the save after me closing the window?


bruh im gonna cry I literally cant get past the 4th dongeon in chapter 6 ( the right one) is the a pattern on with ones i need to defeat or what?

Is there any way to get the membership of the gym? :]

later on...



Is there a way to download the game or is it only for browser


Will there an app version of this, once it's complete?

Okay, maybe not on an app version.

Perhaps a downloadable version so that this could be played off-browser.

Can't wait for ch10 to drop soon 😁


hello. I don't not know what happened can I recover the saved data?


Saved data is stored in the browser, so it can be a bit volatile.

I finished the game that you have so far.  Love the art and some of the monsters.  I see the black squirrel giving his life and becoming like Chonk.

How to finish investigate the campus? 

I wonder if Steve will be part of the protagonist team?

hey um when are you going to add more stars to Trent?  because I really want to see his 4 star picture

Also I have two ideas for the 2 other stars, 3rd star: give Trent the green boxers, and 4th star: do 10 tasks for Trent (and by tasks I mean chores around his house)

3rd star give you underwear picture and 4th star gives you dick picture


hey, i am in the check the subway mission, but as i go to the subway, i talk with the guy and after that what should i do? like is this a bug or i have to do an early mission to progress to the story? someone help me please

I can't save my game progress, what do I do???

The game saves the progress in the browser, so  you can't use it in incognito mode.


Nooo i finished all the 9 chapters im gonna cry nooo

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Can you make a downloadable version of this game? Or at least make the saves exportable?

if you use chrome or firefox, maybe look into cookie.txt


I gotta ask, are Jack and Merv a nod to the band Tenacious D? Because I just saw them and...
The protagonist looking at the characters Jack and Merv, who happens to look like Jack Black and Kyle Gass from Tenacious D

It kind of clicked

Am I the only one who is not allowed to see the sexual parts because the camera points to another place? snifffff

I Love your game and also its updating fast I appreciate it. Just some personal opinions would be like you can change the poses a bit. maybe a few variations . And also can you keep their icons( of people) maybe shirtless? Like charles is currently. anyway GIving so many critics would be boring and unhelpful ig


i love ittt

I hope there'd if there'd be a WASD option too?

Please and thank you for the cool game.

thank you so much for the game! You are making a great job. I can’t wait to get to level 5 with Oscar :p. It great to have this games with this body archetypes. This and Strange flesh the horniest games.

i have played all the free games in and all are good, i became patron recently to check more of your games and keep taps on this one.

ps.  I love how characters from other games are also in the town, 

Thanks, I'm glad you are having fun ^_^

hey caesar what does unlockable mean?


In the guide? it just means that you can get it that level of friendship.
I thought it would be fun for people to try and figure it out.

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Ohhhh thanks for explaining

I love your game soon I will be a patreon more hehe

Ooooh nooooooo!  Im on the mobile version and when I saw the update, i went to go play and its forcing me to do a new game. 😣

However, it will be done because i love my little town of chubs. 😁

Shout out to you for your hard work. This is a really cool.

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Deleted 258 days ago
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hey i know this seem like i really hate the game no i like it but there just some major thing i cannot overlook:

1)There way too much people to meet(over 50+) and remember and there not enough landmark to know everyone place so there some solution:
+Add a map that show people head icon on where everyone live(if they currently not there then it replace with ? icon,where you are relative to them and also if the person only show up at certain time make their icon grayed out.

+From the "people" menu,you can tell player which landmark they are closest too just like you are on an errand.

2)I know the game is way too in development now but can you make atleast a few person that not chubby there other type of people that people like not just chubby(muscle like vein popping,thin people,etc....) this one i can understand if you cant ever do it also lesser extend need more variety on how naked someone is like they wear shirt but only underwear(more underwear like mankini or fundoshi) or make them pose differently like them spreading their leg or playing with their nipple because damn it get to a point that seeing them shirtless is barely a reward anymore because once you seen one you seen them all. 

3)This is a shame but i wish there more event beside the main story there no side event like festival or a birthday party it get predictable after awhile.

-Ok that the major thing now on to quality of life stuff:

1)Lower the requirement for the extra money from errand from 20 to 15 it abit too grindy for an otherwise chill and easy game.

2)Beside seeing the artwork of character you can also see their sprite(atleast the nude part)or even better show the orginal cutscene.

3)Errand shouldnt be repeated twice so player can met new character easier.

4)When you refight enemy your character is invinsible but add an option to lose on purpose so you can experience all cutscene easier.

5)Buff the horny attack alot because you use 2 turn or it(buff kiss damage because it doesnt deal any damage to the current level enemy)


1) I am aware of this issue, and while adding a map that keeps track of the people is not something that is on the scope of what I can do, newer chapters will start to add text telling you where you can find some characters depending on the time of the day (the latest chapter that at the moment is on Patreon has this). Also, I'm working on making some beds available for the player across the different maps, because having to go back and forth so much to change the day can be annoying.
2) No. There are tons of games that focus on skinny and muscled characters, but not that many where you can have many options of chubby characters. If I had the time, I'd probably add more types of chubs, to make the game feel more varied, but keep it within my vision.
3) I am a one person team, so there is only so much I can do by myself. This means any ideas I had for side quests are things I see if I can add after I finish making the main story of the game.

On the other recommendations:

1) Yes, the errand system ended up not being as fun as I expected, so lowering the numbers might be a good idea.
2) This one is trickier to pull off. But the idea is that 5 stars interactions will be doable over and over again.
3) Characters you meet during errands will also be available to meet, just later in the game.
4 & 5) Combat balance is the weakest part of the game, because I'm mainly focused on the other aspects of it. As I said, I'm just one person and I do this during my free time, so it's unavoidable that some parts of the game will suffer for it.

Thank for responding:
1)Well atleast it better.

2)Thank god this one i think is the most unrealistic everyone pretty much have the exact build and the poses i can say the 1 star only have 2 variant:Sitting shirtless and flexing shirtless so it extremely boring fast.

3)Yeah i guess this can be too much or 1 person but hey atleast you try.

For the less important thing:

1)Beside reducing the number of errand maybe "hint" new player that doing this enough time will result in something.

2)I guess but 5 star is only the sex scene right? so no other interaction(i like it when nudity is accidental) and looking at sprite can be horny too (some guy show off their nude sprite even before the picture updated).

3)Still metting lot more character as once seem too confusing even with telling player which person to go to.

4&5):Trust me bro having one annoying part will tick off somebody so it better to make every part of the game atleast fun,it nothing major all "horny" attack move gain x2 power to compensate for them charging(kiss move gain x3 power to actually make it viable) OR the much better pacing idea:Make them regen SP per turn so player dont have to spam SP charging move.

and make your character basically immune when refighting enemy(but surrender will act like you lose so you can still see every scene)

Thank you for you hard work this game is awesome, i find my self trying to find myself the the pics to see the art, love the combat system. I have played the other games you have in this website and they are all hot but this one is top. 


Thanks, this game is the one that is taking more work than any of the other games I have made.

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I'm stuck at chapter 5. I finished the delivery quest for the suspenders, and am able to enter the campus, but I have no idea as to what I am supposed to do here. Any tips ?


Have you talked to everyone at the campus?
If you did and can enter the dorms, you should talk to everyone there and someone will tell you to go back at night.
The guide has a walkthrough:

Can anyone help me find where Evan is?


During the day Evan is at the Campus in the Staduim's Locker Room.

This game is great! Looking forward to the next bits!

Thanks :)

oh man im so hot .. if i see more .. oh man i need more chapter

I have a elb dilemma, the guy from the Gym asks me to look for someone with glasses and a pink shirt, but the character fits, he doesn't give me a dialogue to comment on the guy from the Gym


Yes, the game is a work in progress, and that part is not done yet... sorry -_-

One question, how can you get into the basement of the bar?


You can't go there yet.

this game is so good, i love it!

Thanks for playing ^_^ 

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