This game is currently in development.
It's the game I am working on actively at my [Patreon].
I will be posting it here after some time passes.

I hope everyone enjoys it.

Before playing, especially for MOBILE read how the controls work.

The game can be set to full screen from the Options menu or by pressing F4.


The game can be played with:


Use arrows to move and enter to interact.  Escape will open the menu and cancel.
Alternatively, Z can be used for interactions and X for opening the menu and cancelling.


Click where you want the character to go or what you want to interact with. Use the other mouse button to open the menu and for cancelling.   Note: Menus are enhanced for keyboard, so clicking an option will highlight first.  If the option is highlighted, clicking it will select it.


The game should support a gamepad in Chrome browser at least.    The A button will interact and accept.  The Y button will open the menu.   The B button will cancel.

For mobile:

Just touch where you want the character to go and what you want to interact with. Important: Touch with TWO fingers to open the menu and cancel.  

Notes: Touching a menu item will highlight it.  If the item is already highlighted, touching it again will select it. You might also want to set the phone in landscape mode and go to the games options and pick fullscreen.

Here is a  [Guide], it shows how far each NPC relationship goes for the moment and it has a map showing where evreryone lives (make sure to move to the Public Version tab to avoid trying to unlock stuff that is not in the current build). I'd recommend using it after finishing the available story,

I hope you all enjoy it and have fun!


Development log


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Is it just me, or is Bernie the shopkeeper a nod to Hyao's "Lustful Desires" game?


A bit, yeah XD

I don't know why, it tell me to check on Steve, then no update after wondering around his house. Then it reset the mission, now stuck meet kyle at home and i try it few times

I added a walkthrough to the guide file:

Hopefully that will help. Let me know if that's not the case.

this game is so much fun although i wish i would see the mc get bred by the monsters when he loses instead of the instant after pic XD

I am adding content since the game is not finished yet.
But the art of the mc getting bred by the monsters (the ones that have it) are obtainable by defeating them after seducing them and then picking to have them breed you.

I'm just being stupid then sorry about that xD I'm just so used to wanting to lose to enemies in this game. Ps i love the bondage art

No problem. I thought about adding the art to the losing situations, but I felt having to win would make them feel a bit more earned.

Awesome to see an update for this! Love it so far! There seems to be a problem with the save system, at least for me. It doesn't want to save onto a new file space. I ended up having to save over an existing file, have the game give me the error sound, then hit save again on the same file space to have it properly save. Very odd, but it didn't hinder progress at all. Though some save points didn't want to create a save at all

Minor inconvenience aside, great job! Hope to see more soon!

I'll see if I can reproduce this.

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Two questions:

1) If you fail to meet someone via store errand in the appropriate chapter,  is it just not possible anymore? I don't seem to be able to get store errands at all. [EDIT] Okay, I can now. I'm not sure what changed, since I couldn't before. [EDIT 2] Ok, it's part of the day/night system.

2) Are you able to check on Steve in Ch4 in public version? I've tried but either I'm missing something or it's just not implemented yet.

1) Yeah, you can get a chance to meet people after the appropriate chapter. The chapter number is more of a "don't expect them before this".

2) Not finding Steve in ch4 is part of the story.

I'm clearly missing something else then, because I figured the only reason I hadn't met Oscar yet is that I'm still going through Ch4. But if you aren't *supposed* to find Steve, then something else is supposed to happen that hasn't happened yet.

You should check inside his house, see if you can find something else.

As far as I'm aware, I've checked everything in his house... does the time of day matter?

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Just rechecked every single square of his house, including the bushes and fence outside, day and night. Nothing new.

love this game. but I think there seems to be a problem. Kyle told me to come to his house at night to get the book, but he doesn't give me the book. Is this intended?

I noticed you seem to be able to re-acquire that quest after completing it, but aren't able to finish it... so... maybe you already did it and it's glitched?

Did you get to see him shirtless? That's when you get the book.
(You can check on the People menu to make sure you saw him like that).

I see. However, I think it would be better to correct the phenomenon of repeatedly receiving quests. Thank you for making a great game. ;3

is there a way to max out yor relationship with the characters when you finish th story so far?

Not yet. If you check the guide it will show how far you can go at the moment with every character.


thanks! <3

when the next update


Im in love with this game but i don't know if it's my game or not in construction site area it would let me a d i have the key but it won't let me pick it

It's not enough to have the key to enter the construction site area. You also have to go when no one is around to stop you. Try going to bed and coming back at night.

is it currently updated to the construction site?

This version has the first two chapters (the second one is in the construction site).

When will the third chapter be updated😋

Hopefully before 2021, but no promises on that.

You play in the browser?

Yes, you play in the browser.

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nice demo! i enjoyed getting lost in that second dungeon

Thanks, I did go overboard on the difficulty of that one. -_-

I really love the game.

Thanks :D

Hey, I loved the game, but I noticed a glitch in it. After you get the green sigil in your house at the end of the second dungeon if you go back to fight the enemies you've fought before there isn't a background. It is just a blank white screen.

The sprites are still there, but it is just a blank white background. I thought you should know.


Thanks for reporting the bug. ^_^

Chonk is perfect! another great game, thanks


So far I really like this game but I am stuck in the construction site portals, can someone do a guide on them because I always get lost in those portals and i cant find the right ones.


Sorry, I went overboard on the difficulty of that.
There is a guide on the game description, here is the link to the map:

Hey dude i find a bug in mobile version when i was going to save file of the game with  the diary the game crashed  ._. 

You now for why?

One reason this could be happening is if you are browsing in a private/incognito tab. Since those do not allow the game to save your progress in the browser.

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Hey dude i played in chrome at mobile and the same thing happend the game crashed and im not incognito could be my phone or the browser are broken or something

My english isn't very good

The error is called failed to read the localstorage 

How i can fix it?

I'm sorry to hear that.
Sadly the game requires access to the localstorage to save and load.
I have tested on chrome for android and I couldn't find a way to reproduce the error :(

Hi, I was wondering how to replenish health before the first boss fight

You can look for chocolate hidden around the dungeon to eat, or go back home and sleep.

When I saw the bathtub, I thought I could take a bath, but I couldn't

Sorry, the bathroom is decorative.

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Cute and fun, looking forward to seeing more of it complete. May I ask how you're making/selecting the music for the game?


I bought some music collection for games from HumbleBundle some months ago and I pick what I don't hate from there.
If I added music composition to the things I do, I'd never finish the game (and I'd have to learn a lot about it first).

BTW: The music collection I bought is by Andrey Sitkov.

Yeah, I saw his name in the credits and visited his soundcloud. Definitely figured it was a case like that, of working from a compiled collection, because yeah, when you're already doing game design and level editing and encounter balancing, doing music on TOP of that would be WAY too much. Thanks for the response!


if I had the budget I would consider commissioning custom music for the game.
But at the moment I'm sticking to music collections.

This is so great! Can't wait to see all the artwork of the characters that you can unlock!

Got so many favourites already! Barry, Nick and Roger ;P

Some feedback:

For Keyboard controls, can you change the Escape key to something else?
It automatically cancels the Fullscreen mode when you press it to enter the menu.

Maybe something like X for the menu, C for cancel and V as alternative to enter?

Gameplay wise, if you enter the training room at the end, there is no way to lose to the red demon anymore, as he will always deal 0 damage when you are level 5. Maybe make the training room enemies scale or add a surrender option during battle.

A nice to have: Gallery for all the different demon pictures you unlock during battle (defeat / win), similar to the Peoples tab in the menu.

Thanks for playing the game, and for the feedback!

Fun thing about the keyboard, X already works as Escape and Z works as the Enter key. I will update the documentation so people know this.

There will be a way to lose to lower level demons in the following chapter. It's just not in the current public build.
I'm still debating over adding a monster menu, because the idea is that this is what the training room is for.
If enough people ask for this feature I will see how can I implement it.

Once again, thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback.

how many parts does this game have because i got to the part of the training simulator after that i didn't know what to do and tbm, do you have photos of nuds or are you still thinking how you are going to put it? because I only have the friend and the architect.

I am still working on the game.
I decided to do releases every now and then with newer chapters as I go along making it.
If you check the link on the game description you will find a list of all available people you can befriend and how far you can go with each.
You will notice there is a tab for the public version of the game and one for Patreon, this is because the people that support me there get the builds before, so that content will be eventually released for the general public.

after global

you have done another masterpiece, you are really greatly awesome ( ^w^)

Thanks :D

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hi , sorry for spamming your comments , and taking away your time


try [Z]* and [X] keys to go in and out of menu instead of [ESC]-ape and [SPACE]-bar , for me on Vivaldi browser it worked fine

*in case you have keyboard set up as QWERTY, in case of QWERTZ it's [Y]

to CaesarCub > just a question,about,why search for your name or your game doesn't give any results ?

was even without any results if searched in tags like chub , or bara

tried mobile brwoser and firefox , but i guess it is issue with Itch .io, is it because the game is taget as in development ?, or your account is set to be hidden ? if that is the case then sorry for bothering

I'm guessing that it has to do with all my games being adult games.
I'm sure there is some setting somewhere to allow you to see NSFW stuff.
I tried searching for my games (and the games of other adult developers) while not being logged to the site and I never got any result.

My guess is that this is done to prevent minors and people that do not want to see adult stuff from stumbling upon it by mistake.

yes you are right there is a setting for "Show content marked as adult in search & browse" when logged in

but is strange,  when  not logged in , going through "browse games" on the main page and then in the "select a tag" in the drop down menu there is "adult" selection and it shows some games that are considered adult, and they show warning when trying to play them, but are still accessible , need to "investigate" more >_>; , just noticed now it shows some of  your games, but selecting "bara" doesn't show anything very strange

anyway sorry for bothering , and thank you  for the reply :)

your game is awesome 

No problem, it's good to find out about these quirks has.

For some reason my save was deleted after I lost one battle and wanted to reload

The saved data is stored in the browser. This means that playing on incognito mode won't let you save, and that having setting that erases tracking data or other information (a common procedure for security) might be also cleaning up your saves.
If you are confident your situation is not any of the above let me know which browser you are using and I'll see if I can reproduce the issue and figure out why this happens.

Sure.  I played on Safari. I lost a battle at the construction site I think, just to see the scene, then I tried to reload and my save was gone


I'm sorry to hear that. Safari is probably the only browser I haven't tested (since I don't have a mac).
As I said before, the issue most likely lies with either using private browsing or having the browser set to erase data stored from sites.
I will ask some friends to see if they had this issue.

I really like it, but  I have dyslexia, and the portals phase I was unable to complete ... but it is a good game, have you thought about inserting thin characters? I'm very horny for skinny guys.

The portal dungeon can be a bit hard to navigate, I left a link on the game description that has some data about characters and a map for that dungeon.

I don't have any plans to add skinny guys, sorry.

Loved it.  The music was so good . And even the sound of battle commands  were amazing .  ❤️ CæsarCub you are amazing 

Thanks ^_^

OMG!! NUEVO JUEGO, hace poco jugué una de tus historias y me encanto.  <3


Muchas gracias! Despues lo miro bien ^_^

No save ? 🙁

You save using the diary on the bedroom.
Or the energy balls on the dungeons.

erro terible 

Do you mean that you are getting an error when saving? That might happen if you use an incognito or private tab, since those prevent the browser from saving data.

Yes, so how do I prevent this error from happening again?

There is no way to prevent the save from breaking if you are using an incognito tab.
The game should be fully playable on a phone's web browser if that is of any help (if you decide to do this, make sure to read on the game description how that works, because navigating out of some menus is not intuitive).

i tried playing online and this happened.

I'm completely baffled at this error. I'll try to see if I can reproduce it at all.
I just updated the game so it should work fine on the launcher app, so if you were playing it using that when you got the other issue, it should be fixed.

Hi, sorry just registered so don't know how to report stuff

so basicly this is issue with Firefox , or be precise it happens if you use emscripten and compile from c++ , don't know if some engines (like unity ) also use emscripten when compiling to web , but could be the case (not proven)

on other browsers this doesn't seem a problem at all (mostly tested on chrome based)

Oooofff that looks rough.
I have tested the game on Firefox and it worked fine on my end. I wonder if it's a particular version doing this.
The engine is RPGMaker MV, so it runs on canvas using pixi as the main drawing library. this is not a webAssembly app, so that shouldn't be the problem.

thank you for your reply :)

yeah trying to figure things out my self , since it's not the first time this kind of weird stuff happens,

i have the latest firefox 80.0.1 right now

sadly there are no more information on the web about this problem

similar problem is in game created by google (pangoline love , the 2017 valentine day game) , so it's more weird since they should know their stuff (well except  they and firefox are still in browser war), there it happens on moving character but not on the background , and more weird thing is , that on older firefox (don't know the version) it worked without problems , but the bug appeared years later in newer version

some other game (forgot the name) there it happened in 3D canvas so *weird stuff*

but normal javascript canvas work normally , or even WebGL 1 works fine 

also could be something in the mix of canvas => graphic drivers => graphic card , hard to say am not a good at this stuff, 

but that's just hypothesis that i can't confirm or deny :/

(i got build in intel GPU from 2008  and windows 7 home edition 64bit ) if this info helps anyone,

only solution at this time for me was to change browsers , even just for this game  :) most people have more then one browser anyway XD

BTW > you game is awesome :) got in to it on Vivaldi browser

also one thing i noticed , is small stuff , when entering the lift on right side of the door it only opens the right side , but if open the lift on left side it opens both doors the normal way

anyway great game keep up the great work :), wish You a lot of happy players :)

(3 edits)

!!!! FOR EVERYONE HAVING THIS ISSUE !!!! solution is written bellow

after some research , found out this issue is due to weird setting of WebGL in Firefox, other WebGL content works but if it set strangely (still investigating update1) this could happen, seems the issue could be combination of setting up webgl like scaling or something and some other things like blend mode or pixelation,with combination of build in graphics card (intel in my case *cough cough* older notebooks) older windows and graphics drivers and so on , strangely too , in other browsers it works fine


solution #1 > install second browser, just for this game another browser (worth it ;) )

      - most websites are optimized for chrome and chrome based browsers anyway so ,  installing

solution #2 > disabling WebGL in Firefox , just for this game (worth it ;) )
 - tested in Firefox 80.0.1 64bit and for me it worked ,and you can change it afterwards back

   - if someone got the same issue but doesn't work for them , please  let me know to change this text,

   - the game should use 2D canvas instead of WebGL (if you disable WebGL) and if not playing on some old old old old old old notebook or some old old old old smartphone without javascript support it should be fine (gonna test that one level with animated background )

FOR EVERYONE CURIOUS  after looking in some of the code there are these keys (the canvas need to have the focus , meaning you have to click inside the game screen before using the keys)

F2 - turn on/off FPS counter and render mode (in code it's _switchFPSMeter() )

F3 - scale / stretch the game screen (in code it's _switchStretchMode())

F4 - switch full screen mode  (in code it's _switchFullScreen() )

Z - (or Y if you have set up QWERTZ keyboard)- is confirming / entering  (similar keys but NOT recommended by me to use SPACE BAR / ENTER keys) space bar is set in most browsers to scroll down so it can keep scrolling down while trying to confirm menu (may be not in full screen mode , need testing), and enter is not recommended (by me) for security reasons , there could happen a pop up window from some advertisement or what ever and accidentally open that window or worse

X - for entering and exiting menu similar key ESC 

+ there is the thing with saving progress to your browser so if you have incognito mode or not allowed to have cookies or what ever stuff it may happen your progress will get lost and you have to speed run from start ;)

thanks to CaesarCub for his great games , have fun enjoy the game and don't forget to support CaesarCub

I think I know why people are getting an error. Some of your assets are stored online, and not on the disk, so people who download the game and play it off their disk don't have all the assets. You need to play the game from the browser.

Unless people are using the launcher (it should do a local copy of the game) everything is stored online.

What I did notice earlier with some people is that they get errors when saving, because they are playing the game on an incognito window.
Incognito mode doesn't allow the game to save data on the broswer, and that's when the game explodes.

(1 edit)

No, I don't think they're talking about a save error. I got the exact same error they did in the exact same location trying to play from the launcher, and it had nothing to do with saves. The Loading error is not loading from a save, it's that the portal dungeons fail to load playing from the launcher.

Thanks for pointing this out to me. As I said on the devlog, the issue was actually a problem of how the launcher handled filename encoding, which seems to be different than how the browser does.

The game should be working fine on the launcher now.

i like it so far but i am haveing  trouble Loading the after i Reach the Encounter at the stores After  i give Chase Loading Error 

If this happened when trying to save (using one of the spheres in the dungeon) it might be because your browser is not letting the game save data (this usually happens when using incognito mode).

I kinda feel like there should be some kinda EXP gain from defeating more enemies. All skill gains seem scripted for now. Otherwise overall good job.

Thanks. I decided to add hard locks on how much exp the character can gain per chapter, and how skills are earned, since people are playing the game as it gets developed, and sometimes skills are not added to the game or tuned until later on.

how do you save? also there is an error that appears after you follow the store demon that stops me from continuing

Diary, Orbs in Dungeons for saves. Didn't get errors here.

As Mythic said, you save using the diary in your room and the orbs in the dungeons.

If you are getting an error when saving, it might be due to using incognito mode on the browser or some other higher security setting. (Saved games are saved in the browser, and that cannot be done when using a mode that prevents data to be stored.)

You're off to a great start. I had no idea you were updating and upgrading the original game but this one really does feel like a "glow up". 


Perfect game and I love it so much!!

Nice work!

Thanks ^_^