Bruce Gordon is an erotic falling pieces puzzle game with a tongue-in-cheek "magical girl" story.
Saves are stored in the browser, so they are not that permanent.
Be warned that this is more of a proof of concept, so the story is not finished.

Release date Feb 07, 2016
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(54 total ratings)
TagsErotic, Gay, LGBT
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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does anyone know how to move the blocks on mobile?

Que pena que esse jogo não funciona em celular, queria tanto jogar, o único que não joguei ainda

The game should play in mobile using a web browser.

Eu tentei jogar mas os blocos não se moveram

Beat B1, now for B2 and B3. I wonder what their story was?


Unfortunately this game is not compatible with mobile phones :(

How do we battle exactly?

This game requires a keyboard to play. Other than that it's pretty much like tetris.

Hey, Caesar!

That was a great and funny experience you brought us, this game is great and have a good pace, also the difficulty from stage to stage is just right, the game becomes more challenging and it means more fun and self accomplishment, I got through the boss with a few tries and well... the "after that" (giggles) it was GREAT I loved the surprise <3 

I'm excited for part 2, hope to play it soon.

Congrats for the great game, tiger hugs! 

Thank you a lot for the praise.
I have no real plans to add more to it for now, but if I did, I would probably need to revamp this a lot.

(Most of the people that play my games do it on mobile, and this one just doesn't work without a keyboard).

Yeah you're right, nowadays everybody is playing mobile games even visual novels and such, so the devs are changing their focus to mobile lately


It's notable how many people now use phones for everything.

 I really wanna play that game. But i can't move the blocks.

This one needs a keyboard, so it's not designed for mobile. :/

How to make a people cry:

Sorry. If I ever get around refurbishing this game, I'll see about adding mobile support.

hello, i just want to say that i very like your game ! nice work !

Thanks :D

This game needs clear labeling in the description that it's NSFW. I don't see any.

The game is tagged as erotic and the metadata is set as "Sensitive Content". 
I added the word erotic in the description.

Sorry to bring a dead horse back from beyond the grave, but there's a way to properly designate an NSFW game as being so.

Go into your game's page via your Creator Dashboard, click the link for "Analytics" on the top bar menu on the game's page, and then, on the Analytics page, click the link to left of "Analytics" (should be the "Metadata" link) and scroll down to the bottom of the Metadata>>Classification page. If you don't edit any other classification metadata on that page, check the "sensitive content" checkbox and the other check box at the bottom of the same page.

This way, people who aren't a specific age or whom are not looking for NSFW content in their feeds, won't find your game there. This way, you save yourself trouble and frustration when the random prick decides to flag your legitimate game and report you for pornography or something (I've never flagged any games as I'm not a prick so I don't know what you can report games/developers for).

However, if you do make this minor, 1-minute change to your game's metadata, it will be a matter of courtesy to the rest of the community. Thank you for your consideration... and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

To be honest, I literally just found out (for the 10th time or so) about this means of properly designating an NSFW game on Itch. I was editing the metadata for an unrelated game of my own making and noticed the check boxes. So I decided to let you in on this (probably) secret feature that Itch has.

Take care.

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Registered just to comment on here. I really like this game!

Hope there will be more story-wise, maybe even a cheesy ending with the big evil guy ;P

As feedback: Would it be possible to change/slightly adjust the colour of the dark blue "L"-block?

The colour is way too close to the background for me, making it really difficult to see where it is and where it will land. Sometimes it blends in completely with the background, turning it invisible for me.

Hi there!

At the moment there are no plans to follow this game.
I created it as a small proof of concept, but it never got that much interest, so it just didn't make sense to keep developing it.

That said, I changed the L block to be a bright orange color, that way it should have more contrast against the background and hopefully that would make it easier for you to play.

Thanks for the praise and for letting me know about this issue.
Please let me know if you notice any other visibility problem in this or any other of my games.


Hotttttttt as hell


Can't even move the blocks when i play on android @@

Sorry, I never got around to give it mobile support. It should work fine with a keyboard. 


I’ve really enjoyed this game! It's fun and engaging. xD The characters are beautifully-drawn, and I really liked that there gread representation for body types that are under-represented in such games. The dialogues are great, the story is interesting! I hope it gets a continuation one day. If you ever make it into a paid game, I for one am interested in paying for it. Thanks!

Thanks a lot for the praise.
I'm really happy you enjoyed the game.