Bruce Gordon is a falling pieces puzzle game with a tongue-in-cheek "magical girl" story.
Saves are stored in the browser, so they are not that permanent.
Be warned that this is more of a proof of concept, so the story is not finished.

StatusOn hold
Release date Feb 07, 2016
TagsErotic, Gay, LGBT
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Can't even move the blocks when i play on android @@

Sorry, I never got around to give it mobile support. It should work fine with a keyboard. 

I’ve really enjoyed this game! It's fun and engaging. xD The characters are beautifully-drawn, and I really liked that there gread representation for body types that are under-represented in such games. The dialogues are great, the story is interesting! I hope it gets a continuation one day. If you ever make it into a paid game, I for one am interested in paying for it. Thanks!

Thanks a lot for the praise.
I'm really happy you enjoyed the game.