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I went into the Gallery and there was a slot for pictures for the Dark Lord but then it disappeared.  Is there a route to find him.  How do I get that route?


I loved the story. I loved the game, several "short" stories revolving around a common place.

I love Xilantro and Stexis. If I could, I would have a happy ending with both of them! haha


Finally, I collected all the storylines, Loved it very good!

The part with Gilmrok is my favorite even though I like Duncan more,

Another one, Stexis is a lovely story and a bit surprising too, by the way, the most erotic is the two imps storyline.

CæsarCub, You do a great job, continue and we'll support you


i loved the incest thing this is the best game just for that ty for made this game 

Is there any way I can download your games even though I don't have Patreon?

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At the moment my games are browser only.
Regardless of Patreon.

Damm okay maybe one day I will be able to download them thanks 

How do I fill the gallery for the imps?

Start the part of the barbarian or the dwarf, but then try to rescue Duncan on your own.

Thank you for Duncan tips, quite sexy path.

I was thinking about some questionas that probably will give us more excitment:

- Who's Ducan supposed to be kissing ?

- Who's the one the was tored from the old picture ?

- Who's Grimrok 'soft skin' was thinking while jerk in tube ?

- Where's the hardcore play with the Imps and Duncan ?

What do you think about ?

Hugs, Jay


I was here playing the routes and something came to my mind.

That it could have a route where it showed that he was the son of the Dark Lord, and that his father the one who died was the one who found him inside the dungeon during his explorations.

I loved the game too much.


That is a really interesting idea.

thank you (^^)

how to get the imps ending?

Just go alone to save your uncle.

How to get the dwarf ending please?


Just talk to the dwarf and avoid interacting with the minotaur when he comes back hurt.

oh thanks. :)


How do i get the uncle ending :(


You have to visit the blacksmith so he shows you the old picture.
Then confront your uncle about your father and spy on him. Make sure to keep spying or the path won't be unlocked.
Let the barbarian rest, check the diary and then investigate things on your own.
That should get you in a good path.

hey, first of all I love the game!!! just making sure I got all the endings: the uncle, the bull, the dwarf, big monster, and imps. Did I miss any and if so how would I get to them?

No, you didn't miss any path in the game.

I'm french, I play [Français] when I do the Barbarian path and arrive to [Demander de l'aide au barbare.]  and click on it I have a black screen and nothing happened in return !!!

To finish the Barbarian path I must have to play in  [English] !!

I have check locale.js  "choice-0-16d205e31c6", "sayAs-narrator-16cc402c366" seems to be correctly set, I don't understand. How could I finish the Barbarian path in french ?!!??

By the way, great job !!!

(excuse my poor english)

Thanks for letting me know.
There was an error in the French version's text when it came to show some data.
It should be fixed now.

How do i get the uncle ending? 

Great game!  Had so much fun filling the gallery :)


Addicted now lol.... Played through all scenarios for your other games 

I hope you had fun :)

Completed gallery 

n has the option to spy on the duncan only has to investigate

this is not working because after insisting and investigating I run away I ask for help and there are no secret scenes from Duncan

You have to visit the blacksmith so he shows you the old picture.
Then confront your uncle about your father and spy on him. Make sure to keep spying or the path won't be unlocked.
Let the barbarian rest, check the diary and then investigate things on your own.
That should get you in a good path.

How do i release thi missing scenes from Duncan ?

You have to talk to the dwarf fist, be very insistent on spying on Duncan. From there on it should be somewhat easy to finish his path.

Excellent game! I think my favorite ending is with the Uncle 🥰 Please keep making games 😉👍

Thanks :)

That was a good game I enjoyed it a lot ❤️

Thanks :)

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How to unclock the Cg's in the galery of the uncle?

you have to be very insistent on staying with your uncle and ignoring everyone else.

How do I do that?


You have to visit the blacksmith so he shows you the old picture.
Then confront your uncle about your father and spy on him. Make sure to keep spying or the path won't be unlocked.
Let the barbarian rest, check the diary and then investigate things on your own.
That should get you in a good path.



Have you considered adding a few pictures of the characters in the game? Like romanceable characters and the such?


I'm not sure what do you mean.
Basically all characters in the game are romanceable and they have unlockable art.
you mean more art?


You have just 1 picture in this game page, I meant that you could add more pictures of other characters, that would showcase the variety of characters of the game. 

i cant find or identify (sorry) the inn you say on the title? i dont think i miss anything since i complete the gallery, btw great work love it!

The inn of the title is the place the character works/lives in.

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo eu gostaria que esse jogo tivesse o idioma português BR . Por favor.

Sadly I don't speak Portuguese.
All translations were made by people that offered to make them.
I am always open to send the English text to anyone that wants to translate it to any language.

Infelizmente não falo português.
Todas as traduções foram feitas por pessoas que se ofereceram para fazê-las.
Estou sempre aberto para enviar o texto em inglês para quem quiser traduzi-lo para qualquer idioma.

Mas eu já joguei um jogo seu que tinha PT BR será q vc poderia tentar entrar em contato com q faz a tradução daquele jogo do Pit stop para traduzir esse da aventura na taberna 

The person that was nice enough to translate the other game did not offer to translate this one.
I mentioned that the games were available for translation, but since they are doing it as a favor, I can't ask anything else from them.
All I can do is to let people know that they are free to translate my games to any language they want to, since I don't have the resourses to pay for the translation myself.

A pessoa que foi legal o suficiente para traduzir o outro jogo não se ofereceu para traduzir este.
Mencionei que os jogos estavam disponíveis para tradução, mas como eles estão fazendo isso como um favor, não posso pedir mais nada deles.
Tudo o que posso fazer é que as pessoas saibam que são livres para traduzir meus jogos para qualquer idioma que desejarem, já que eu não tenho os recursos para pagar a tradução.

Tá certo 

Hello. If you want, I can translate the game from Portuguese ^^

Thank you for the offer I'd love to have more of my games translated to Portuguese.

Do you have twitter or any other social media we can talk about this privately? (sadly there is no way in to send private messages).


I absolutely love this game! I first played it when only the Xilantro and Glimroc endings were implemented and I am so glad I came back to it after all this time. And I am very glad I was able to get that happy ending with uncle Duncan.

When do you think you'll come back to this game? There are still loose ends and unanswered question, such as who confronted Duncan on the first day, the fourth part member, and if we can fuck the demon lord of the dungeon?

Keep up the fantastic work!


Thank you so much :D

At the moment I'm focusing on a different project, so I really don't know when I'll be able to come back to this.
But I agree I might have left too many unanswered stuff.

A different project? A new one or an update to one of your other projects?


A new one. I will make things about it public eventually.

I loved it!

I've just discovered your profile and game, but it's basically what a bearish D&D player would have loved to play :P

It's... a bit short, but, the pace is perfect. I wish it was longer.
I'm so willing to support (even getting involved in the production) a similar game.
I still haven't checked your profile page or works, but I really hope this game was not one of a kind.

Kudos for creating it. The (niche) community needs more quality content like this.

Thanks for playing :D

All my stuff is aimed at the same public (people that like big boys).
I know my games are short (this one being the longest of the bunch so far).
Since I mostly work on my own, I try to keep the scopes short and manageable for a one person team.

I hope you enjoy my other games if you get the chance.

Thanks again for playing.-

auh i have a question. in the gallery is all the character scene could be unlock? i cant unlock all in the bull

Well, you have to check the yard, agree to serve breakfast, keep an eye on the barbarian, ask him to help you and finally go with him.
That should unlock all of his gallery.

oh. that means i unlock it all... I'm just curious cause there's a blank frame in his gallery.. anyway this is a fun game😍 i love it! haha but yah it's a short story so it's kinda sad.

:O your games are the best!

Thanks :D

First, I really enjoyed this game! I played it several times through just to try different combinations. Most of the routes are pretty easy, Just pester your love interest and ignore everyone else. The "uncle" was the only one that gave me trouble. I wonder if he really IS our uncle after all.
Tried forcing certain edge cases such as finding the armor AND being friendly with the guard. Most seemed to default to the tavern ending, or just not enough time in the game. Which is good, having all your bases covered. More of a branching narrative would be interesting, though I know it would require more work.
Story was good, I liked most of the characters, and we got some look at their past. That's something I would like to see expanded more: What was the father like, what sort of adventures did they have, who is this mysterious fourth member of the party? Outside of that, who are these other characters, what is the history of the town and this dungeon? I know the primary focus is erotica, but teasing little bits can make the characters more dynamic and someone the audience cares about.  You've already got a good start on that. Writing needs tightening up, along with additional detail. There  is a lot of "Go do X!" *you do X* Perhaps use this as opportunity to expand the character HOW do they do X, what is their body language saying. Again, you already have some of the pieces there. I really enjoyed the game in it's current state, I can tell you put a lot of work into this. I didn't even mention the CG's, which were fantastic, you did a really good job there.

Just a few random thoughts to end with:
The way you introduce the Dark Lord in the opening, I half expected him to be a secret special character.
While the idea of "joining the dungeon" was really fun, the non-con threw me off. Yes, I know it fits with the story and everything, it's just my preference. There are just one set of CG's for that route?
While we are talking about the gallery, how do you flip through images without returning to the album?

Lastly, of course, this is all just one person's opinion. You are free to ignore this entire post. If it's not clear,  I really REALLY enjoyed the heck out of this game, there's a reason I played so many hours. I hope this has been supportive. Look forward  to what you do next, whether it's on this game or something entirely different. Make good art.


Thanks for the thorough review.
English is not my main language, so I agree that sometimes the writing might get a bit odd, even if I have had asked people to do some proof reading for me.
I decided to make certain paths that would be considered more questionable a bit harder, as to give people that might not want to experience them a way out.
With the join-the-dungeon path for example, I tried to convey via the narration that confronting those characters would lead to them having their way with you, and gave an escape option. 
I know that a section of my public wants these kind of content, so I try to balance the content. I'm sorry you ended up facing a path that you would have rather avoided.

At the moment I'm focusing on a different thing, but if/when I come back to this, I was planning on expanding it with more characters (which is why I suggested a lot of things).

This game (and the other two before this one) are all based on the concept of making short stories that branch sideways rather than go deep. This allows me to make the paths more unique without having to worry too much about making sure I can avoid most edge cases.
Since the main focus of the audience is to get a story and art, I try to keep the difficulty of most paths low. 
I have had people complain that my tetris game was too hard for them, and I really want everyone to be able to have fun.

Once again, thanks for the time spent playing the game and writing the feedback.

That's fair. What I am talking about goes beyond simple copy editing. This is where beta readers come in handy. Having another set of eyes go over the whole thing and tell you where the problem spots are.  
 That part in the dungeon I was pretty ok with. I did notice the out, and thank you for that. Playing with the imps sounded fun though, and I did actually enjoy it. It was only after that I went "hey, wait a minute..." Just want to be clear that I choose it myself, and in no way did it fee 'forced'. I also realize this is erotica and in no way a reflection on real life. I just happen to enjoy things more when it's consensual. I also appreciate the desire to tell a simple, compact story. This was just a case of enjoying something so much that you want more of it. While it's true that most audiences for this game just want to get to the good stuff; there is still room to sprinkle in little hints of story here and there. Not saying you need to go for a huge infodump. Much better to spread things out over several plot lines. Even if you decide to leave things as they are, it was still a lot of fun. I am sure you have learned just from making this. And thank you for being so polite in listening to me. Wanting to see what the new project will be.

Any plans for an IOS version?

The game is browser based, so it should work fine on iPhone and iPads.
As for a native version, Apple doesn't allow this kind of content on their platform, so that wouldn't be possible.

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hi, this game is amazing. can you expand romance with the dwarf and uncle character please , i love your game caesarcub! good work.


help, i can't get the pics of the blue monster
good game btw


You should take a walk, and after that focus on him instead of any other character.
Let the minotaur rest and then do everything else on your own.

Thank you, now i fill all my gallery, you did a good job, graphics, characters, art, pixel art.

Hope you can do even better

Thanks :D

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This game is incredible, and I love it. How can I fill pages 2 and 3 of Duncan's gallery? I can't figure it out.

You should start by visiting the blacksmith, then confront Duncan about your father.
After this, you have to spy on him, and keep on spying.
That is usually the part most people miss.
After that, just ignore the barbarian, read the diary,rescue Duncan alone and confront him.

That should do it.

Thank you so much, I completed all galleries now, and I truly liked Ducan's ending.

Cool. Thanks :D

Hi, I've heard there's some rape content in the game and I wanted to ask how can I avoid it? Because I'm curious about the rest of the game


Hi there.
There is some rough content in the game. 
At some point of the game you enter a dungeon if you decide to go on your own a couple of imps will attack you.
Here the game will let you know that they can easily overpower you and then offer you the choice to either run away or attack them back.
If you decide to attack them, they will overpower and have their way with the character.

I know the game has some content that is not what some people might like, so I tried to make sure there that the choices in game for the player to avoid them are easy to spot.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the game.

Thank you so much!

how can it end with monsters

Make sure to enter the dungeon alone.

With big monster

Enter the dungeon alone, but before that the first day take a walk and check who might be in the forest.

having sex with a big monster

No monster, is like Sherek ogre. Very cute

I feel like this game could become a traditional RPG, and after seeing the ending, it could become a big RPG.I am very excited about the future of this game.

Thanks :D

love the update man! will we be getting a downloadable version? (if you could do that for the other games that would be great!)

At the moment I have no plans of making downloadable versions of the games.
I guess if enough people wants this feature I will look into it.

(1 edit)

An offline version of your game would be really nice!

oh also maybe skip button? replayability is a bit of hassle because you can't skip what you already read.

The game does have two buttons to make things faster on the top part.
One changes the text speed and the other automatically skips to the next line without waiting for the user to click.
Having both active would really fast forward things to the next choice.
It doesn't discriminate on what you have or have not read, but they do accelerate a lot the game.


I can't figure out how unlock the gallery of the imps 8c

You just have to fail hard enough being alone in the dungeon

Yep x3 I figure it out thanks Caesar Sama <3

I loved this game, can't wait to see more updates :3

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